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Those Final Days of Making Summer Frozen Treats

Time is short for those finals moments of summer treats. Why not take advantage of the last of the hot, steamy summer days and make your pet a scoop of ice cream?

Your pet may not be able to digest the contents of your favorite human batch of frozen goodness. So, we will give you some ideas and methods to make your own.

We’ve assembled these ideas for you to whip up some homemade treats that will taste way better than what is in the store. And making it yourself will give you the benefit of knowing exactly what each treat contains.

First up, many people are familiar with Frosty Paws in the grocery store. Our friends over at HGTV have concocted a similar treat with fewer ingredients. It contains yogurt, peanut butter and baby food. If your dog doesn’t take well to plain yogurt you can use an alternate. Click this link to get the recipe.

Maybe you have fresh fruit and would prefer to mix up something a little less creamy, but still tasty. The AKC has options that extend beyond traditional peanut butter ice cream. Check out the various options they have available at

Remember that too much dairy can cause an upset tummy. Also, some sugar free additives can be toxic to your pet. Be especially cautious with peanut butter as the additive xylitol can be fatal to your pet if ingested. If you have questions about your pets health and nutrition we always recommend consulting your veterinarian.

We hope that these ideas help you create a nutritious and delicious treat to share with your pet during the decreasing number of hot summer days ahead of us.

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