Getting started is easy, and scheduling visits even more so. Peace of mind is at your fingertips!

1. Account Set Up

Set up your account and book online, call or email us.

2. Confirmation & Scheduling

We receive your request, confirm your needs, location and schedule, and ask you to fill out all pet, home and emergency contact info online. This must be completed prior to our scheduled Meet & Greet.

3. Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet.  We meet you and your pets, learn where all the pet supplies are kept, test keys, determine best location for our key lock box, practice setting the alarm, get all care instructions, etc. 

4. Download App

Download our app below. Make new reservations or change reservations from the app, while on the go.

20171031161832-Client App.png
5. Scheduled Visit

We come at the scheduled date/time(s) you chose, follow all of your care instructions, send you an update and picture after every visit.

6. Peace of Mind

Pets are happy, you have peace of mind!