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Awesome service as always.

"Our cat used to have serious anxiety when we would get back from a trip. Since Shannon started visiting it's obvious that he is much happier and calmer when we come back.”

- WILL S. | 2020

We would not trust anyone else.

“Miss Jackie is an honest to goodness fairy-dogmother to our boys. She takes such great care of them and makes sure all of the antics are captured and shared with us to see. We would not trust anyone else with these boys while away. The boys love her and we do too!!” 

- CANDY P. | 2019

Five stars aren't enough!

"Whether you're in need of someone to walk your dog mid-day while you're at work, or care for your kitty during your vacation, All Breed Care has you covered. When I'm not around to care for my sweet Izzy, I want to feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that someone is there to love and care for her as I would, and the sitters from All Breed Care do just that. Five stars aren't enough to describe how thankful I am for their service!"


What a great service.

“We feel so comfortable leaving our dog in your care when we are gone. She is so happy and well cared for in our absence.” 

- SHARON L. | 2019

Very Professional.

“All Breed Care is amazing. Very professional. We have used them for over 10 years and would highly recommend them to anyone.” 

- MARTHA S. | 2019

Pictures are awesome!

"We always feel comforted that our baby is taken care of while we are away. Pictures are awesome! Thank you All Breed Care for your service!!!"


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