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How Much Do You Know About Catnip?

Most people are familiar with the general concept of catnip. The general image most people have is of cats that simply can’t resists this plant. But, how much of that is true?

First, catnip is a plant that falls within the mint family. According to PetMD, you might find this herb’s leaves in teas. Its flowers are supposed to relieve coughs and sometimes it is an ingredient in bug sprays.

But, what is the big deal with cats and catnip? Well, it turns out that when a cat smells catnip it triggers a response similar to a female cat in heat. This is because catnip mimics feline sex hormones. Your cat might display affection or happiness. Some cats become more active and exhibit playfulness, some become aggressive.

It should be noted that not every cat responds to catnip. In fact, it turns out that 60 percent of cats respond to it. But, it isn’t an instantaneous response. Kittens won’t react, generally, to catnip until they are somewhere between six months to one year of age.

If your cat responds positively to catnip and has separation anxiety, this might be a natural supplement that you can use to calm them. Reactions are generally strong for about 10 minutes before slowly waning. It should be noted that too much catnip can result in some unpleasant side effects, like vomiting and diarrhea.

If you haven’t tried catnip, it might be worth adding to the bucket list of options that your cat might enjoy. And if your cat doesn’t have a response to it, remember that it also has human grade uses. But, that is for another day and blog.


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