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Take A Walk In The Park Day

March 30th is designated as Take A Walk In the Park Day! We can’t think of a better way to spend your outdoor saunter than by checking out a nearby park.

When we walk our dogs, we often stick to the same routes, the same times, and sometimes are so thoroughly in a routine that we don’t notice all the things around us. Even our dogs can get in a rut and refuse to budge from a pre-determined route.

But on March 30th, or any day really, you can mix things up. Pack up your pet and venture over to a tree-filled park or wooded area and take an adventure. You get the benefits of being fully present (consider turning off the phone or at least setting it on silent) and allow your dog to engage all of their olfactory cells.

The benefits will be two fold. You get the proven scientific benefits of being immersed in a tree-filled location. In as little as 20-30 minutes this can decease your blood pressure (and likely your stress levels). Your pet will be exercising their noses and their legs and probably will be pretty tuckered out when you return home. Who doesn’t love a tired pet?

Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite location for your walks on a summer evening or weekend. Maybe you’ll meet a new friend, canine or human. Either way, let March 30th be an opportunity to try out a new park and see if you feel better after a good walk there! Let us know how it goes.


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