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Canine Fitness Month is Coming To an End

As Canine Fitness Month comes to a close, let's evaluate the state of our current fitness level, canine and human.

How are you and your pet feeling as we get into the full swing of spring?

Not only does activity help your pet physically, it can benefit them (and you) mentally. Regular exercise can give you a great opportunity to bond and improve your health with your pet by your side.

As the Morton Grove Animal Hospital says, exercise can help prevent "diabetes and weight-related stress on joints to meeting their mental needs. The impact of canine fitness is vital no matter the age, breed or size. Every dog needs regular exercise.”

You and your dog can get involved in swimming, hiking, or running. But, plain old walking is just as beneficial.

We obviously recommend that you make sure that your pet is healthy and any age-related conditions be taken into consideration when planning a new regimen. It is important to be aware of what level of exertion is appropriate. Arthritic dogs may need slower paces and puppies need to be cautious of overly strenuous activities that might injure developing joints.

And like people, time of day is crucial. We don’t want to have heat stroke occur for either people or pets.

So, if you need to reengage your muscles and mind as the weather improves and safe outdoor options make themselves available, consider an activity you can share with your canine companion. What could be better than having shared activities with someone who derives their greatest joy from simply joining you on the adventure?

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