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Walk Your Dog Month

January is Walk Your Dog Month. And what better time to get a routine in place that will bring both health and wellness to you and your furry friend?

There are a lot of really good reasons to get out of the house in January. If you’ve made a resolution to be healthier, movement and exercise (no matter the weather conditions), will be paramount. And once you have established a routine, it becomes easier to keep going as the weather improves.

Here are some benefits to consider:

Weight Loss

You might be looking to get some of the COVID and holiday weight off. Walking is one of the best ways to improve your health with minimal expenses (other than some good shoes)! And not only will you benefit, but taking Fido for a walk will help keep him trim and maintain muscle tone.

Mental Stimulation

When you get your dog outside, they get a chance to smell all kinds of things that we don’t notice. Sure, I can smell the chocolate factory when I walk my dogs, but they can smell scents that are beyond the ability of the human nose to detect. That mental stimulation will help use up energy and make for a calmer dog after you return home.


If you want to work on your training routine, particularly for all of you with pandemic puppies developing into young adults, utilize some commands on walks. The distractions will help you see how much improvement you’ve made or need to make. Also, those leash manners can be reinforced with each outing.

You can check out some additional reasons from the folks over at

Don’t forget that you don’t have to do all of this on your own! You can let All Breed Care take your dog out for a Field Trip For Fido. No effort is required on your part. We pick up, take an extended walk or hike, and return your pooch. Contact us to set one up today!

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