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Love Your Canine During National Dog Week

Canine lovers, prepare! National Dog Week returns September 18th and runs through the 24th!

What is National Dog Week? According to, it is a “week-long celebration of man’s best friend [that] focuses on educating dog owners and the public, raising awareness about dog care, and helping lost, homeless, or abused dogs find homes.”

National Dog Week got its start in 1928. World War I veteran and canine advocate Captain William Lewis Judy decided to create a week that would educate people about the responsibilities of dog ownership. In that era, it was not uncommon to find a significant number of dogs chained up in backyards with their dog houses.

Judy was a founder of the Dog Writers Association of America and used his platform to educate and celebrate the many benefits from canine companionship.

Let’s cover some ways that you can take part in celebrating this week. We will give you tips, inspired by, that you can use whether you have a dog or not.

If you have a dog:

  • Play with your pooch for an extra 10 minutes.

  • Extend your walk time by a few minutes.

  • Hire a pet photographer to do a photoshoot of you and your dog.

  • Adopt. Dogs are social creatures and most enjoy the company of another canine. If you dog spends a great deal of time alone at home and their temperament (and your budget permits) consider adopting a shelter pup.

If you don’t have a dog:

  • Look into adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. Help a friend adopt a dog in need of a loving home.

  • Donate to a local shelter. You can donate your time, cash, or items.

  • Volunteer for a rescue or a shelter.

  • Walk shelter dogs. Time spent with an animal at a shelter provides them with companionship and love.

  • Gift a toy or treat to a friend’s dog.

No matter how you approach the week, do something special for either your own or an adjacent dog. Consider ways you can enhance dog education in your community. Or just offer some extra love to the canines in your orbit. Tell us about your adventures this week.


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