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Adopt A Cat Month

June isn't just the first month of summer. It also serves as Adopt a Cat Month.

One of the primary goals of the month is to home cats and kittens.

Since June coincides with the height of kitten season, a time when the largest number of cats give birth to litters, there is often an influx of felines into shelters. American Humane will celebrate their 45th annual June focus on adoption by encouraging people to adopt a pandemic pet from a shelter.

For folks interested in donations, you can head over to the ASPCA Adopt A Cat webpage or you can donate to American Humane's Feed The Hungry campaign which delivers food to shelters all over the country. Or, as we like to encourage, donate to your local shelter where you can have an immediate and close-to-home impact.

You can use the ASPCA fundraising page to build up donations on your own or create a team.

If you opt to bring a new cat into your life this month, don't forget to utilize the great resources that American Humane offers on their website. You can find reference materials on topics such as

  • Adoption Checklists

  • Cat to Cat Introductions

  • Dog to Cat Introductions

  • Cat Collars

  • Scratching

  • Litter box usage

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