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World Horse Day

Since 2005, March 1st has been celebrated as National Horse Protection Day or World Horse Day.

Founder Colleen Paige, according to the National Horse Protection website, created the day “to help educate the global horse community to the plight of horses in dire need of adoption...celebrate their magic and embrace humane horse sports worldwide.” Her connection to horses arose from her experiences caring and riding horses as a child.

What can you do to help out? There are several options.

If you can, adopt!

If adoption isn’t an option, several suggestions can be found at and include:

  • Help out a neighbor horse by feeding, bathing, riding or walking one that may need some attention due to recent owner illness or financial disability.

  • Foster or sponsor a horse at your local shelter until they can find the horse a home.

  • Organize a horse food drive and distribute the supplies to horses in need in your community.

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