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Take Your Pet To Work Week

No matter whether you are back in the office or still working from home, you can participate in Take Your Pet To Work Week June 20-24th.

Created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International (PSI) to highlight dog companionship and to encourage adoptions, Take Your Dog To Work Day has grown. What was once a single Friday event just for dogs has expanded to a weeklong event that includes cats.

Monday, June 20th, get out your hashtags and kitties and #takeyourcattoworkday. PSI will share their favorites photos from the submissions they receive.

For the rest of the week, head over to PSI’s Facebook and Instagram pages and take part in their Take Your Dog To Work Week activities.

If you need to participate virtually, ideas can be located at

If you are bringing your pet into work, PSI recommends a few things to make the process work well:

  • Get permission first.

  • Keep your pet comfortable.

  • Don’t force your pet on your coworkers.

  • Have an exit strategy if your pet isn’t feeling the office.

  • Have a purpose, i.e. involve a shelter or rescue to fully realize the impact of the day.

No matter how your participate, have a good time. And feel free to post your pictures on our social media or tag us in addition to PSI. We love seeing our friends online and in person!


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