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Summer Is The Time To Celebrate and Travel

Summer is almost here. And for many folks that means a chance to catch up on some travel and events that have been neglected over the last couple of years.

June is known for weddings. The wedding industry reports anticipated high volumes of ceremonies. Folks are getting married on the weekend and during the week, meaning that at any given time you might need to travel to a reception. You might even be getting married or heading off to a delayed honeymoon yourself.

Your pets will need pet care services or even require a hand from one of our staff if you want your pet to take part in the ceremony. Send us a note or give us a call if you think you might want a staff member to assist your pet in any wedding duties. We love helping you get your pet to the venue, walk them down the aisle, or even assist your pet in their ring bearing role. Having a familiar pet care specialist on hand can take one more worry off your list and let you relax while All Breed Care holds the leash.

No matter what you are planning on doing this summer, we can make your pet feel safe and happy while you take some time to celebrate marriages, graduations, or just being able to get out and about like normal.

You might even be thinking about a staycation and just want a few hours of time where someone else handles the walking or play time with you pet. We can make that staycation even easier and free up some of your time to visit the spa or the golf course. We want to be sure that we can cover your event so book early to be sure that we have adequate staffing.

And if you know someone who needs help with their pet care for a wedding, honeymoon, or just general services, please feel free to invite them to join the All Breed Care family.

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