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Ready, Set, Boo! It's a Costume Contest

I was walking through my neighborhood last night and noticed a neighbor out taking a picture of her home. She had a six-foot fuzzy spider hanging from the second floor.

"I love Halloween," she confessed. I noticed it not only was huge, but pre-lit with LED lights.

I couldn't help but tell her that last year her three life-size witches, with cauldron, terrified my dog, Ginger. Motion activated, the three would heckle and cackle. They moved while they whipped up some magic, a rat dangling above the brew from the middle witch's hand.

There are lots of things to love about Halloween (I see you fun size Snickers). But, for us animal lovers, one of the best things ever is costumes on our pets. This year is a little different, but we still want to see your pet costumes.

How can we encourage you to share them with us? Well, why not a costume contest?! Here are the simple rules:

  1. You need to be an All Breed Care client.

  2. You must post your photo of your pet in costume on our Facebook page between today and Halloween.

  3. The picture with the most likes will win a prize.

That's it. So, join us in having a virtual costume party and maybe win something cool. Just to keep your interest we will announce the prize closer to Halloween. We can't wait to see your pets in costume.


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