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Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

With the heat of summer bearing down upon us, we are all looking for ways to stay cool. Tall cold drinks look especially refreshing. But have you considered whether your pet is properly hydrating with you?  Now is the perfect time to take a look at how much water your pet is getting in their day and whether it is enough. We all know that the human body is primarily liquid, but did you realize that a pet has a higher percentage of water in its body than we do? According to Springbook Animal Care Center, even mild dehydration can have serious impact on the health and function of your pet. They recommend that you watch for the following signs that might indicate dehyrdation:

  • Sunken eyes

  • Lethargy

  • Loss of appetite

  • Dry mouth/gums

  • Depression 

Make sure to keep your pet's water bowls cleaned and constantly filled with fresh water. A pet should have approximately one ounce of water per pound. So, my 40 pound dog would need roughly 40 ounces, or 5 glasses, of water per day.  Be sure to exercise your pet at a slower pace with as much shade and rest breaks as needed. Consider incorporating wet food into their diet as it has a higher water content than kibble.  Further, remember to keep your birds, reptiles, or other pets out of direct sunlight and to keep them supplied with fresh water at all times. No one wants to make a trip to the emergency room for a case of dehydration.  Keep yourself and your pet fully hydrated and remember to slow down as the temperatures go up. Episodes of heat stroke can occur in pets just as easily as in humans. Stay safe and drink up!

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