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It's an Honor Just To Be Nominated

It really is true. It's a great honor to be nominated for the 2020 Wake Weekly Best of the Best. All Breed Care was nominated in the "Best Pet Sitting" category. We are humbled and excited. Thank you for the nomination!

But.... who can't help but think about what it might feel like to win?

Do you think we're the best of the best? If so, we need your help to have a shot at winning. Voting begins today and runs through July 31st. You can vote once per day, every day. If you want to vote for us, just click here.

We won't let the nomination go to our heads, but we will send out some reminders during the month of July on our social media sites. (We promise not to turn our excitement into spam.)

We look forward to the competition and are truly grateful that our clients feel that we are worthy of the word best. We hope to continue to serve your pets for many years and look forward to seeing them soon.

So, as they used to say in Chicago, "Vote early and vote often." And feel free to let your friends know they can vote, too. We don't mind.

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