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Gratitude On Small Business Saturday

This year, as we approach Small Business Saturday, we want to express our deep gratitude for all of our clients. As a small business, we are grateful for the clients that have remained with us over the course of the pandemic. We are happy to welcome our new clients this year, it is deeply heartwarming to have you.

One of the reasons that we are still in business is because of our clients. The surprising ways that so many of you have helped us is a reminder of the power of community.

We want to take a few moments, if you will indulge us, by saying thanks for the numerous ways you have supported our local, small business.

The referrals that you've made, the visits you scheduled when you didn't have to, and the continued support have kept our business afloat when many didn't survive.

As we approach Small Business Saturday, we ask that you keep us in mind for any friends or family who may need pet care service.

We understand that everyone has different circumstances. For those of you who have made such generous contributions to keep your pet care staff from All Breed Care employed, thank you! Each and every day, we know that without you we wouldn't still be here. So, this Thanksgiving we offer our deepest gratitude. Folks like you, who have offered so much support, are literally the reason we are still in business.


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