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National Pet Preparedness Month

June kicks off the official start to summer. And with summer weather comes the threat of weather-related emergencies that could impact you, your family, and your pets.

No one likes the idea of planning for an emergency situation, but various groups have quick and easy checklists, videos, and articles available to make creating your personal plan simple and complete.

No one can forget the images from Hurricane Katrina when people had to either make a decision to leave a cherished pet behind or remain with them and potentially perish. Things have changed in that many more shelters will allow people to bring their pets in the event of a natural disaster and evacuation. But, that doesn’t mean that every shelter and every situation will accommodate you and your pet.

In addition to making an emergency plan for your family, recommends that you also include your pet in that plan. Other factors they recommend you consider for your pet when making plans for a natural or man-made disaster scenario include: emergency kits; evacuation plans; shelter information; and identification.

Consider using the resources available at or view their YouTube video to be ready for any emergencies that might occur. And be sure to have all of your information, including emergency contacts, up-to-date in your profile for your account. If there is anything that we have learned from the pandemic, we know that things can change quickly and being prepared is the best course of action.

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