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Fireworks and Your Furry Friends

As most of us prepare to return to a more familiar version of the 4th of July holiday, it its always good to emphasize the potential issues some pets may face.

Even the most chill pets may be undone by the loud sounds of explosions. July 5th is one of the busiest days at animal shelters, according to American Humane Association.

The last thing pet parents want is to lose a pet during a fireworks display. Pets risk injury, death, or separation from their home due to a panicked escape. Let’s cover some suggestions for how to approach the holiday with your pet in mind.

  • Indoor time is good. Keep your pet indoors during the display. And if you plan to head out to watch the fireworks, leave your pet at home. Some pet parent find that thunder shirts or similar products provide relief. But, not all pets will find relief that way.

  • Make sure your pet has proper identification . Microchipping is great, but it never hurts to have additional ID tags on your pet just in case they slip out a door. If you have guests over, make sure they don’t inadvertently let your pet outside.

  • Barbecues are good for people, not pets. There are lots of opportunities for pets to get into products or foods that might cause them harm. Watch out for alcohol, table scraps that might upset tummies or cause more severe damage (we see you ribs and chicken wings), and any insect repellent product not specifically made for pets.

You can check out other ideas for safety from PetMD by clicking on the following link:

Stay safe, have fun, and if possible, hang out with your pet and make them as comfortable as possible.

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