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Fear Free Certification at All Breed Care

All Breed Care is now certified under the Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification Program. The mission of the Fear Free program is to "prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.”

Anyone who has adopted a rescue or worked with animals that have been abandoned or abused may be familiar with symptoms of stress and anxiety in pets. Learning how to spot symptoms and then react appropriately goes a long way in reducing fear. It makes your pet feel safe and comfortable. A pet that has minimal fear is generally a happier animal. They may also behave in significantly different ways when relaxed.

Many of us who adopted during the pandemic and then slowly began spending more time outside the home encountered separation anxiety. It led to a backup of behaviorist and trainer availability. And many of us learned to spot some signs of anxiety and hopefully found ways to mitigate it.

All Breed Care spends time with your pet in its most frequent location (home) and that allows them to be familiar with your pet's routines. Pet sitters can identify signs with Fear Free training and using your pet’s body language to identity issues and respond with appropriate actions. The coursework equips pet sitters “with a scientifically sound knowledge base in animal body language, dog walking, behavior and training basics, enrichment, home life, travel, administering medications, and more.”

Dr. Marty Becker, who spent 17 years as the contributing veterinarian on Good Morning America, developed the Fear Free program. It trains doctors, pet sitters, shelters, and pet owners. Contact us with any questions you have or check out the website at .

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