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Safety Protocols for COVID-19

As we phase forward into a partially reopened landscape, All Breed Care wants to communicate our safety protocols. We hope that by laying out all the procedures and flexibilities we have in place, you will feel more confident and comfortable in returning to a schedule with your pet care provider.  Our staff have taken COVID training from Pet Sitters International. They are aware of the requirements necessary to keep both themselves, you, and your pets healthy and safe.  All staff have been provided with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. We use our own leashes to minimize the surfaces we touch, which in turn mitigates the opportunity for potential transmission. Additionally, we can offer contactless visits at your request. 

And remember, if something concerns you that we haven’t covered, please reach out. Our first priority is the safety and health of our clients and we would be happy to discuss any concerns that you might have.

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