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Getting The Word Out

Like many small businesses, All Breed Care was impacted by the pandemic. While we are still keeping busy taking care of your pets, we certainly have not returned to pre-COVID capacity.

We were, however, fortunate enough to be one of the small businesses selected for a business recovery marketing grant.

Capitol Broadcasting Company and WRAL are leveraging their TV, radio, and digital properties to help small businesses, like All Breed Care, get the word out that we are open and ready to make a comeback from the pandemic.

Their team of marketing professionals will be creating content to advertise our company. So, be on the lookout for any ads that feature us on CBC's various platforms.

We are grateful for this opportunity and wanted to share the news with our clients.

While advertising is one avenue, we know that another important aspect to our growth is word of mouth recommendations. We thank those of you who have passed along our information to friends and family who need pet care services.

Remember that we have a referral program to reward you for giving us a thumbs up to folks who may not know us yet.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to care for your pets. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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